About Gratisography

Gratisography is a free stock photo website that offers the quirkiest, weirdest, and funniest stock photos on the internet.


Gratisography was founded in 2011 by Ryan McGuire, a self-taught artist, designer, photographer, and coder.


Ryan McGuire


Ryan McGuire


Stock photography, Stock footage


Photos on Gratisography are covered by “The Gratisography License” similar to the CC0 license, with the main exclusion being they can’t be used or republished to other sites.

Library Size-

Gratisography boasts a small, but unique number of over 700+ stock photos to download and use for commercial projects that you will not find anywhere else on the web.

More about Gratisography-

Unlike most free stock photo websites on the internet, where you will find the bland business attire of people in casual dress wear or happy families that look a little too “stocky,” Gratisography chooses to take a unique and creative approach to the photos that end up on the website.

We are not after quantity on this site as you can tell by our image library size. We are truly after unique photos and images that really stand out from the pack of the other sites on the web. Where else can you find you someone with donut holes on their fingers near the eyes looking like tentacles? Okay, we will wait… ahh, you are back, looks like you could not find one.

If you are still reading at this point, we have piqued your interest. Did we also mention that we have vectors too? And not the same vectors you find on all those other sites. Here, you will find creative ones like a worm reading a book. Get it? It is a bookworm it is punny, okay, we will see ourselves out.

But seriously, thanks again for checking out this page and our site with so many other choices on the web at this point. We hope our photos make you laugh and bring some more happiness, than your everyday stock photo websites.